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What The Suicide Squad Gets Right About Harley Quinn

Robbie is set to appear as the titular antihero in James Gunn's upcoming , which will mark the third time the Oscar nominee has played the villain.

Did Harley Quinn Die in 'The Suicide Squad'? (SPOILERS)

Nor is she still clinging on to previous fashion that pays homage to that portion of her life — her seems to advertise her current state of mind in regards to Joker with the slogan "Live Fast Die Clown" written on the back.

Margot Robbie doesn't know when she'll play Harley Quinn again


Did Harley Quinn Die in 'The Suicide Squad'? (SPOILERS)

Robbie was also intrigued to discover the ultimate fate of Harley Quinn, or at least the fate of the character which was detailed at the end of.

James Gunn Describes Creating Harley Quinn's Gun

Harley Quinn Margot Robbie was first introduced to audiences in live-action as the girlfriend of the clown-faced madman known as the Joker Jared Leto — and since her debut in 2016, has only ever grown in popularity amongst fans who knew her all the way back from her origins in Batman: The Animated Series, harlequin costume and all.

Margot Robbie doesn't know when she'll play Harley Quinn again

The story, which deals with Harley finding herself after breaking up with the Joker, allowed the character to be fully fleshed out, sexy without wearing an outfit that looked like it chafed, and having fun.

Does Harley Quinn die in The Suicide Squad? Fate of Margot Robbie’s character explored

However, her two following appearances subverted this set-up.

The Suicide Squad Completes Harley Quinn Course Correction

" RELATED: The director said that he is also open to the idea of creating a Harley Quinn movie, saying, "I really feel that character" and discussing how he gravitates toward character personalities that aren't completely defined.

Harley Quinn's 'The Suicide Squad' Tattoo Changes, Explained

This article contains major spoilers for The Suicide Squad.