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100 Questions to Ask a Guy

How proud are you of the schools you went to? To know that someone looks at you the way the hero looks at the heroine in a movie when she is walking away… Wow! This question lets someone shamelessly brag about themselves a bit.

21 Questions Game

If we got really drunk, do you think we would end up doing something really funny? What are your future savings and investment plans? it's also one of the best spicy questions to ask out there.

20 Question Game Ideas

What was the last movie that made you cry? What pets did you have while you were growing up? For many, the amount of questions is not enough to truly know a person.

19 Fun Question Games to Play With Friends

Would you rather only wear one color each day or have to wear seven colors each day? What childish thing you still find exciting? Would you still like a girl if she was way taller than you? What is a turn off for you? So ask a suitable question considering which one fits his personality.

20 Questions: Conversation Starter Game

Do you have any passions? A very important question to ask if you see a future with the guy.

100 Questions to Ask a Guy

If you could be a part of a family on any TV show, which family would you choose? on any major video conferencing platform, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Webex.

19 Fun Question Games to Play With Friends

What was the best trip you ever took? For example, you can split the questions in half and take turns.

21 Questions Game: Funny and Dirty Questions

Be ready to hear something funny, and creative one.

137 Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy

Who is most likely to argue about an obscure topic? This is one of the best questions that should not be missed to ask in a 21 Questions game.

19 Fun Question Games to Play With Friends

Do you think weight gain is an acceptable reason to break up with someone? A million dollars a year - what would the game plan be? What country can you name, but besides the name, you know almost nothing else about? Here are 16 flirty but deep questions to ask a guy: 112.

21 Questions Game: Dig Deep with Fun & Flirty Questions

What defines who you are? Bright colors or black and white? What if you could go back in time? What is your go-to designer brand? Ask only when you have bonding with him and just to know his thoughts on the same.