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Late second period after plan B

Pay close attention to duration.

How Late Can Your Period Be After Taking Plan B? 2 Weeks, 2 Months

And please, get on some form of birth control.

Can Plan B OneStep delay your second period after taking it?

I posted about my second period being late after my boyfriend and my condom broke so spooky stuff.

How Plan B Affects Periods: What to Expect and When

What You Might Experience The morning-after pill can cause your next period to be:• Plan B, by the way, has to be taken within 72 hours from when you had sex to work.

Late second period after Plan B? : birthcontrol

feb cycle came on time but again very light and dark brown the entire 4-5 days.

Late second period after plan B

December 18, 2018 - 9:33am• To be honest, my boyfriend and I were slightly intoxicated, but intoxicated nonetheless.

Late second period after Plan B? : birthcontrol

i haven't gotten it yet, but the same thing had happened, so in a panic I I took the pill again,i plan to get on birth control after all this ,i also have tested an additional several times this week before taking, all of which were also negative, my bf says i'm fine and i'm over analyzing and stressing myself out too much, and I know it messes with your cycle, but I have this never ending uneasy feeling even though i'm probably fine So far what I have read has eased my mind a little, but I'm still a little concerned.

Period late after plan b : TwoXChromosomes

Just posting this since I went to forums like this when I was in this situation! I know the whole waiting process is scary but all of you took the precautions you could! The Office on Women's Health in 1998.

Delayed 2nd period after taking the Morning After Pill?? (Plan B)

So I took plan b in july on the 21st.

Late second period after Plan B? : birthcontrol

Exactly one week after the pill I started spotting, I had serious breast pain, I felt tired and bloated as if I was pregnant.

Has anyone experienced a delayed 2nd period after taking Plan B One

I have tested using first response tests and tests from the dollar store new choice brand , followed instructions, used first morning urine, sometimes middle of the day urine, it's been 8 weeks now since the incident happened and NO other sexual contact has occurred since in fact we broke up because he turned tail the second i had this scare.