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My sister and I when younger used to touch or explore each other's private parts. Is this normal behavior?

My cousin and her two daughters was camping out at the one cousins old house and while it was dark and night time , the Mother was rubbing her daughters leg and here she didn't know she was playing up inside of her daughters pussy and daughter felt embarrassed and told her Mother your rubbing my pussy but what makes me wonder why this went on.

Girls, ever been sitting on a guys lap and have them get hard? Not your boyfriend or husband. Someone that's just a friend or friend of boyfriend?

One study found heterosexual men to have the highest genital and subjective arousals to pornography depicting heterosexual activity, rather than lesbian activity, while another study reported that on average heterosexual men are more aroused by pornography showing sexual activity between women than they are by depictions of heterosexual activity.

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It is hard to believe that the personal pornstars OnlyFans helped to introduce is less than a decade old.

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We share a bathroom so half the time I'm doing makeup while they shower we have a walk in shower so there's no cover and it's not weird.

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After she scratched my back, and actually drew blood, I gave her what she wanted and pounded the crap out of her for 10 minutes straight before dumping load and load after load of cum deep into her pussy, completely filling her womb.

Amber Lynn

I said as I pulled my shorts off and began to masterbate in front of her again.

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I don't even remember how it started but for 3 months we discovered how each others bodies worked, through kissing, fondling, fingering.

GIRLS, My sister wants to see me completly naked? help?

She went on top of me.

GIRLS, My sister wants to see me completly naked? help?

We never had REAL sex until the time when I was humping and I slid up in her!!! Females have been having sex with other females since the stone ages cause its normal and natural for us to be sexually attracted to other females.