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Comments: Ladies Only: Who have scissored someone with their thighs /quads.

If they do you could always put there head between your thighs and start squeezing them and show them who boss lol.

Wife Crushes Husband

Neither the driver nor a worker nearby appears to notice as Davis falls and then disappears under the vehicle.

Woman on date killed by man who jumped from parking garage

Cunningham accepted the plea shortly before 9 a.

Video shows backhoe crushing NYC woman to death

Anonymous Aug 02 2012 3:04pm Woman,the poll question will be "Poll for Asian Girls under 4'10! James Jul 31 2012 10:53am Anonymous have you ever had many women scissor you and if so what did it feel like? Anonymous Jul 29 2012 8:21am Well i have a big thighs since i was kid when i become a teenager i start to lift wieght thats how i make my thighs 29 inches, now i am married woman i always scissor my hubby and some friends and relatives on wrestling match i like it very much , i am 32 Woman Jul 29 2012 7:03pm Woman,with your thighs 29 inches,i can't imagine what kind of pressure you can produce squeezing your husband,friends and relatives in scissor holds? We talk on the phone and thru text often he always initiates and have really great communication.

Erie woman pleads guilty to fatally crushing boyfriend

Anonymous Jul 31 2012 2:45pm Woman,do any of the men you arm-wrestle give you any match or you over power them all? However, most commonly, younger men will like the experience that an older woman actually has.

Woman Tries To Suffocate Man With Her Butt Cheeks, Fails

Anonymous Jul 31 2012 3:32pm i was visiting my sister at uni and she was having a party.

21 stone woman admits murdering her 8 stone boyfriend by SITTING on him

what do your family and friends think of your great strength and big powerful muscles? you have them laying on the floor on their stomach! Anonymous Aug 02 2012 2:01pm James, both! Zack Jul 31 2012 6:16pm Zack you are so skiny many strong women like weak men you can find one if you like strong women Woman Jul 31 2012 6:30pm Zack,there are much younger girls that work out in my gym much bigger then you and with bigger muscles then you and a lot stronger then you! Some of his questions could unintentionally make you feel a little old, but take it as a compliment that he is so interested in you.

Man beaten up by gang of women in dresses and heels after night out

Pin Is there a younger man in your life who you have a crush on? The girl didn't really have big thighs, but she could have kill her if she had squeezed or carry on like for a couple more seconds longer.

Video shows backhoe crushing NYC woman to death

Jordon Joseph was enjoying a meal with two friends at the fast-food chain just after midnight when Kay Marie Brown launched the unprovoked assault.

Woman tramples live

Being protective is a natural instinctive reaction and one way that men can always assert over women.

Shocking moment woman is nearly crushed by a truck after the driver fails to spot her

Next time they ask you ur age, reply why u need to know? Anonymous Aug 02 2012 1:00pm Anonymous do you love the feeling that when a women apply a reverse head scissor on you, that your head is wedged right up her ass? While this could put you outside your comfort zone, if you have feelings for him, then sometimes asking directly is your only option.